with m.p.

i quickly parked, attempted to remain calm, and did a happy dance at 7:40 am!  whoever watches the security footage is in for a treat. . . here is my "find out what happens when you don't give up story."

growing up we weren't allowed to say "f^@k" -  it's hanging above my dining room table, were i see it every time i enter + exit my home.  mom was in icu and all things heal care gave me a strong desire to shout this bad word (that she forbade), from the rooftops multiple times each day.

don't you dare settle for fine. - it's hanging above my coffee station, where i see it eery morning.  jobs. relationships. life.  this piece reminded me to not be complacent but to live.  to go after what may fell unattainable.  to. keep evolving. to not settle. to believe and accept that i deserve more than fine.

no risk. no story. - it's currently leaning up against the wall as soon as you walk in the front door.  i haven't determined it's rightful spot, but i know it'll be prominent  and where i'll always remember the risk is worth the story.  last week i experienced such joy thorough a phone screen when you shared the nashville docs.  the gal who found the piece outside of a church, i feel like i could be friends with her and 100% understand her rollercoaster of excitement! i've had a decent amount of defeat in 2023, and have protected myself by not getting too excited for possibilities to mitigate the amount of sadness this year has held.   a month ago i was laid off, for the second time in 23 from the same company.  an 70% staff reduction in january, rehired in april, and finding out in October that the entire team was let go has not been fun. there have been a lot of broken crayons still trying to color.  i truly loved the people  i worked with.  the investors and board members didn't love the team or products as much as the employees did. i've spent the last month scouring job boards and applying for what's next, while either not hearing anything or receiving an automatic rejection.  i've been entertaining the entrepreneur life within a realm that i can not quite define as i realize there always going to be someone out there already doing soothing similar, while balancing that ether's also always more to offer. i'm in a weird space oscillating between what is frustratingly safe, and what is grueling risky.  i guess you could say after automatic rejection due to a resume and /or cover letter not containing certain buzzwords and human eyes never reviewing your submitted documents, i need. win.  this hung prompted a new outlook.  i didn't go for what i wanted (original railyard location) and settled for something easier (revolution location) - yet, what was so clearly displayed, still available, waiting for the right person, happened to be what i wanted in the first place.  funny how a piece of art taught me that what i want is very much worth the risk.

thank you for the art. for the lesson. for the passion.

thank you 


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