if i wasn't an artist

if i wasn’t an artist i’d be a dancer

and if i wasn’t that i’d be an astronaut 

with a really thick helmet

or a cowboy with a brim

but if i wasn’t that 

i’d be a teacher,

yes, a teacher 

or a singer with a sold-out arena,

everyone shouting my name

and also i’d be a scientist

or detective

but if not that i’d be a pilot

and an architect 

and if i wasn’t that i’d hammer roofs

and sell shoes

and serve sandwiches in a corner shop

or i would bang on wall street

and diversify portfolios

and i’d coach soccer to teach a better way

and use things the way they’re unintended

and tattoo birds on my arm

to fight fear

and do all the things that matter 

because if i wasn’t an artist

i’d still be an artist


- kiera brynne for kent youngstrom

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