what do i do?

i know you have questions, i know you think you lack serious painting skills - or are worried it’s not going to be good enough.  the answer is - you most likely lack painting experience, but i promise that just like you - your work on this canvas will be enough.

let your worries, your preconceived notions of “i can’t do this,” go - let yourself go - it is more about the process than the completion.


yeah okay, but how do i start?

this is the most taxing part of the process.  the start is what kills us.

scan the qr code and select a music play list.

light the candle, set the mood.

find a flat surface - dining table, work bench, garage floor - roll out drop cloth followed by canvas.  (canvas folds will stretch flat for final painting, but if you desire super flat surface - use an iron.). 

just get something on the canvas - it’s like a good warm up stretch at the gym - make some squiggles - write your name.  write a word - save the heavy lifting for when you feel good and loose.


now what?

now there are no rules.  this is the bestest part.  it is time for you to do what you want - even if it feels a bit off.  paint a happy little something. or even an angry little something.  


want some suggestions?

markers before paint.  

or markets over paint once paint completely dry.

cover as much or as little of the canvas as you like.  

more water equals more flow.  

thick paint equals longer drying time.

express yourself

say things you might be afraid to say

say things you want to say.  

only you will know what is under the final layers of paint after you send it off.

it’s just paint!

wipe it away, paint over it.  

also - it’s paint

it will not come out of your clothes unless you wash it off before it dries.

take your time.  

paint, then let it dry a bit.  

sip your drink.  

paint some more.  

snack. sip. call a friend.  

need some inspiration?

look around my site for words of love, words of affirmation, words of you got this!  


call me.

enjoy and sit in the process.

my favorite part of painting is when i’m stuck - i hate it, but i love it - because i know that on the other side of that “i don’t know what to do moment,” is ten seconds of “i got it”.  

i paint for those ten seconds. 

do not concentrate on completion.  

most of what you paint over is just for you - it will only peek through the layers i will apply.

exhausted your brain + your creativity?

then it’s time to take a break.  

it’s time to let it go in anticipation of loving it forever.

let your canvas dry overnight.

take some good images of it for yourself.

fold it as close to its original size as you can.

place in the return envelope.

send it back to me!


have some notes or things you want me to add / remember / some do’s and don’ts . . . send me a note to kent@kentyoungstrom.comit may take me a few weeks and a few coats of my fancy paint, but soon enough your canvas will return to you with a new surface, a new outlook and ready to hang on the walls of your home, your office or maybe even your secret lair.

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