be something. if you want to make something. signed copy.

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personalized, signed copy of the new be something. if you want to make something book.


+ be something. if you want to make something. is a pop top energy drink spiked with caffeine laden words that are calming to the soul, while at the same time capable of spurring volcanic eruptions of energy and frenzied moments of accomplishment be something. if you want to make something encourages makers to stay in the moment and allow ingenuity to be the pace car. each short blurb hands over a raw account of an artists rocket fuel fast, can’t stop, won’t stop, sometimes mixed martial arts bloodied adventure. it humorously highlights the speed bumps that were approached way too fast and encourages the reader to push past the exit ramps desperately calling for companionship and accelerate toward the reward on the horizon. be something. if you want to make something runs over the big scary words of the business world like “copyright” and “business plan” and spits out what makes real sense in the life of doing more of what you love for a living. + so, you want to take your secret passion (writing, painting, cupcake baking) and make it your full time gig? except it’s really hard and scary to actually, you know, do that? kenT understands your pain and that’s why he wrote this book. read it and then follow his wise advice: “don’t wait. every day you wait is a day you won’t get back.” this book will remind you that you have the power to make art - and create all kinds of exciting surprises in your life - right now, today. what’s the hold up? why wait? grab your tools and create. alexandra franzen, author, coach, blogger + be something. is long flight, overhead compartment jammed with images following kenT throughout his journey to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as memorable as you are. + introduction / by melissa cassera, pr expert, business strategist + screenwriter as a marketing consultant, i spend a lot of time teaching people how to be. be original. be helpful. be authentic. be obsession-worthy. be so good they can’t ignore you. when I met kenT it was like getting struck by lightening. this guy just knows how to be. my first experience with him was in a free class i was teaching to 1,100 entrepreneurs. you can imagine among 1,100 people it would be really ridiculously hard to stand out. especially online, in the middle of a fb group that was moving so fast i could hardly keep my little fingers typing. as i was scrolling and connecting with my students, i noticed that every post had likes and comments, but one post had more likes and comments than anyone, and the number kept climbing. here’s what it said: i’m kenT, and i’m an artist. but not the tortured kind. i create one-of-a-kind images - no two are exactly the same. some are big. some are small. some have words. some have none. but what I really do is make people feel happy + free. they don’t even have to know why. after all, happy + free is a great place to be. people loved kenT’s unusual “introduction” and took notice. i took notice. it surprised me. because it’s rare to find a business owner who says his true purpose is to make people feel “happy and free.” and you could feel his energy pour through his words, and you could see it in the photos of his paintings that he shared. as the days went on, kenT’s assignments stood out. always. he was so damn good that, throughout the class, other students were forfeiting their chance to win that day’s prize and pleading with me to just “give it to kenT.” and it wasn’t just his talent that stood out. he took the time to cheer on his classmates. to share helpful and thoughtful comments. he lived and breathed his introduction. everyone knew it. there are so many ways to be it can be maddening. everywhere you turn there’s someone telling you to “be” this or “be” that. after getting to know kenT, striving to “be” just an ounce like him guarantees awesomeness. since he’s too humble to include a “be kenT” chapter, this intro is my way of doing it for him.  - melissa