three hearts subscription box

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fun fact: an octopus has three hearts.  it has to do with their gills and stuff, but one of those hearts is used strictly to move blood through the eight tentacles for whatever they might be doing. 

i need one of those.  i think you do too.

here is what i can offer: the kent youngstrom three hearts gift box. a gift for you or for someone you love.

bi-monthly (that’s six times a year, people), an exclusive subscriber gift box will make its way from my messy studio tables to you.

the jelly to this donut is that you will receive a hodgepodge of items from the kent youngstrom buffet, exclusively created and selected for gift box subscribers. 

each box will be curated with what i feel like, such as cool new work from small business owners or funky options for gift-giving seasons. gift box products may include small canvas paintings, handwritten love notes, cards, hats, stationery, hand-painted clothing, and other trinkets or thingamabobs.  

are you a dinnertime plate-sharer? me too. good news! you can pass the gift box along to a pal. give me a heads-up before shipping day, and you can alter the shipping address to send the box as a love note to someone else on your, um, to-do list.

some details for the people who care: boxes will ship the first week of the scheduled month. i may or may not have the time to customize a box for you, but you can always ask. 

but wait! there’s more! this box is obviously exclusive to its subscribers, but get this: subscribers will also receive early online access and discounted pricing for kent youngstrom originals. gift box subscribers will also have exclusive access to only-available-to-them kent youngstrom work. sounds dreamy. 

i need three hearts, and so do you.